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Symbolizing joy, good fortune, resilience, and recovery, hummingbirds, who have the ability to fly both forwards and backwards (so cool) are a well-loved creature of the sky.

These smart birds can remember every flower and feeder they've visited, which can be up to 1000 a day. The fastest recorded rate of a hummingbird’s wing’s beat is about 80 beats per second!

 These delicate and petite 14k gold over sterling stud Hummingbirds feature extra sparkle, adorned with diamond crystals and one eye made from black Spinel gemstone. On a mineral scale, the Spinel gemstone is just below a diamond’s hardness. 


  • 14k gold over sterling silver
  • width 9mm
  • height 12mm
  • hypoallergenic
  • nickel & lead free


We at Shorewood Jewelry believe in quality and because every piece is made of solid 925 sterling silver as it’s base metal (including 14k gold over sterling), we can genuinely call it fine jewelry.

Real Sterling (whether plated or not) can be worn for years, without turning the skin a green tinge, such as with brass. As well, unlike brass, sterling silver is hypoallergenic.

Although swimming in the salty ocean or a chlorinated pool is not recommended because the salt can ultimately corrode the silver, you can shower in clean water every day with sterling silver.

That said, although considered a precious metal, one of the biggest things to be mindful of when it comes to sterling silver is that it is composed of a soft metal.

Yes, although it’s precious, sterling is soft!

It is definitely more bendable and pliable than for
instance, stainless steel, which is a hard metal.

So remember to be mindful of 2 things:

1. Be aware of the chain on your neck when quickly pulling a sweater over your head, or it could cause the chain to break!

2. Be aware to be gentle with the post on your stud or hoop earrings. Although the posts can be moved, as sometimes they bend slightly and need to be straightened, remember to do it smoothly and gently, with fingers held firmly on the whole post, as you move it into place.

Please see our Returns page to read about our chain breakage policy.

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