Glynda FitzGerald began designing greeting cards almost 20 years ago. This led to 14 years of running her own store, Glynda the good witch Cards & Cool things, located in Edgemont Village, North Vancouver, BC.

During those years, keeping her eye on the pulse while buying for her gift shop, Glynda became adept at spotting current jewelry trends, but more importantly, at just finding things that she found classic and beautiful, whether trendy or not.

Since then, she has designed and curated a new collection of jewelry. The line, called Shorewood, is current yet timeless, and sometimes a little playful.

Shorewood jewelry is made from 14k gold over solid sterling silver. The pieces are sourced from all over the world, including handmade sterling from Nepal.

All jewelry materials are eco-friendly, containing no nickel, chromium or lead components.

The word Shorewood has special meaning to Glynda, as it comes from “Shorewood Oaks”, the name her grandparents called their seaside home in Parksville, BC on Vancouver Island. Summers by the sea as a child, spent with her sister are what Glynda would describe as idyllic. As pure joy.

This classic line of jewelry reflects all that is simple, modern and elegant. This beautiful 14k gold over sterling silver jewelry is something that anyone and everyone can wear.

Having been influenced by a healthy lifestyle in Vancouver, on the West coast of BC, preferring a long run by the sea or a hike up Grouse mountain, Glynda's vibe has always been what one would describe as natural. Her belief always, that fashion and style don't have to be complicated and her mantra being:

Keep it simple. Some timeless clothes. A few pieces of classic jewelry. Makeup optional:)

Each piece is special and much like those Parksville childhood summers, will hopefully represent something near and dear to person who wears it.